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Dear teachers, youth workers, trainers, facilitators, Slovak ngo EduEra is happy to invite you to participate to our upcoming expert seminar

“Let´s get cross!”.




The main aspiration of the expert seminar is to enhance the impact of youth work and non-formal education through cross-sectorial co-operation. The bigger context is the need to provide young people with the competences, opportunities and support required to meet the challenges of the 21st century, be it for employability, active citizenship, social issues, or simply to live a self-determined and fulfilled life. The working language is english.


The main programme elements are:

  • sharing realities of youth work and education in our communities, regions and countries

  • discussing what competences are needed for the 21st century

  • ensuring digitalization, media literacy, creativity and entrepreneurship as transversal features

  • assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of different types of stakeholders in youth work and education, and matching win-win-alliances in the frame of cross-sectorial co-operation

  • sharing and identifying practices and formats in cross-sectorial co-operation in education and youth work

  • sharing tools and practices for the delivery of educational interventions and competence development

  • meet the other side: recommendations from employers, entrepreneurs, and labour market service

  • assessment and recognition of competences: how to?

  • action plan for follow-up, transfer, promotion and dissemination activities


All participants will receive at the end of the course a Youthpass certificate. Youthpass is the instrument of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme to recognise the non-formal learning taking place during projects.


We are happy to hear from you!